Classes Offered by She-Bang Handgun Training

We offer private classes and specialize in teaching women how to overcome their fear to become confident and empowered.
Our philosophy is, you get what you pay for. “Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good!”. We gladly provide referrals

Online Situational Awareness Course  $75

Join us for a Live Online course of Situational Awareness. A completely interactive LIVE course. This is not a pre-recorded video. This course allows you to attend remotely on your schedule and have LIVE instruction online. Ask questions, get real time answers. Students will participate in the lesson as if they were in the classroom, without the commute!
In this Situational Awareness Online Course you can expect the following:
*Professional Instruction
*Awareness Guide and how it works
*Safety Tips
*Recommended reading
*Homework assignment to help you start thinking safety
*Q&A Time. Get all your safety questions answered.

What the Predator Sees Online Course $75

This seminar is informative and straight forward educating you on how predators think and operate. You will learn how to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a violent predator. These are set up as private seminars for employees, students or family and friends.

Private CHL Class  $100.00 per Person
Class is approximately 6 hours long. It includes range fee, all paperwork to apply for the license, classroom instruction and testing, range testing, plus lots more valuable information. Content of the class covers laws pertaining to owning, carrying and proper storage of a handgun, use of force laws, situational awareness and mindset, basic safety, non-violent dispute resolution, range proficiency, and written test.If you are a new shooter or have never shot before, I highly recommend you take the Intro to Handgun class to get you prepared for the proficiency test.
You will be required to bring: UNLOADED handgun of caliber no less than .32, 50 rounds of ammo appropriate for your gun (no reloaded ammo allowed),baseball cap (optional).

Intro to Handgun Private Lesson $75.00
We take a hands on approach to teaching you firearms safety, range etiquette, and fundamentals of shooting. We will take you from wherever you are, to confident and comfortable. You can expect to learn, safety rules, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Loading and Unloading as well as range safety. You may use our guns if you do not have one yet. We can provide consultation on how to choose the right firearm for you. This course takes place at the range where you will get instruction and you will be allowed to shoot. This is a private class, so once it is purchased, nobody else can get in. The Lesson is $75 and range fee and ammo are extra. You may bring your own firearm if you have one.

CHL Prep Session $75

This is a 1 on 1 (or 2) lesson at the range to get you ready for your CHL class. The actual test can be done at this time if you are set up to take your CHL already. Basic shooting lesson includes fundamentals of shooting and I strive to have you hitting bullseye in the first lesson. $75 per hour. Range fee and ammo extra.

Self Defense Lesson $75
This 1-1.5 hour class is designed to teach you a few basic skills that you can use to protect yourself in the event you are attacked. These skills and techniques can be used anywhere and are simple to learn and deploy. Cost is $75.00 per person. This can be done as a one time or recurring class. TEST

Safety For Campus Life (ages 16-25) $150.00
This course is a 2-4 hour course designed to teach your young adult to be aware, alert and how to avoid bad situations both mentally and physically. The course is either a 2 hour or a 4 hour course. You choose the blocks you want to include in each. A 2 hour block will include Situational Awareness (1 hr) and physical self defense (1 hr.). If you choose a 4 hour block, we suggest you do it in 2 session because there is a lot of information to retain. The first 2 hours will include Situational Awareness and Improvised Weapons. The second 2 hours will include physical self defense. $150 per 2 hour session.

Situational Awareness Workshop (Group Seminar)

This workshop offers team building, and thinking outside your comfort zone. Perfect for any group or corporate setting. Recommended for ages 13 and up. You will be challenged and learn to develop skills to keep you safe in various situations. Minimum of 6 people to book this workshop.

Malfunction Drills (Also known as Jam Clearing) $75

This 1-hour class will teach you what causes jams and malfunctions as well as how to clear them. Some of them are user error and some are not, come learn how to get rid of it and stay in the fight. There is no range time for this class and no ammo is allowed. Minimum of 6 people to book this workshop.

Drawing From Concealment Class $75

This 1-hour class will help you get to your firearm quickly and efficiently should you need to present it. Usually this class will be offered before or after the Jam Clearing Class so you can stay for both. There is no range time and no ammo is allowed for this class. Minimum of 6 people to book this workshop.

Handgun Private Training (Ongoing Coaching) $75

Range Coaching. For the new or experienced shooter who wants to improve technique, focus on shot placement, correct shooting errors and increase overall skills. Contact me for an appointment. I’ll meet you at the range and evaluate your shooting, then offer ‘coaching’ to make you better. Price is $75 per lesson.

Hunter Education (Home Study Field Course) 1/2 Day (Group Class Only) $15

Cost is $15.00. This class is the half day version of the Hunter Education course. You must take the online home study prior to class and bring your tests with you. The online “home study”, which counts as 6 of the required 10 hours, is for older hunters 14 and up. You will attend a minimum of 4 hours for the field exercise after you have completed the online portion (which can be done at your own pace at home). If you opt for the online course you can take it by visiting and click on the Hunter Education tab and find the home study. The online portion if free, but the $15 fee is required for the field exercise portion of the class. This is a very informative course and I recommend families take it together, you WILL learn something! Do NOT bring guns to class.

Cancellation Policy
She-Bang! offers private and flexible classes for our students. Please be respectful of our time. If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please do so by phone, text or email within 24 hours of our appointment time. You may reschedule your appointment if you have given proper notice. However, No-shows who have not notified me of cancellation will forfeit any pre-payment made including vouchers.