Never Go Mobile! Don’t Trade Crime Scene A for Crime Scene B

Never EVER Go Mobile! Crime Scene A becomes Crime Scene B

This sounds like super obvious and mom-like advice right? Well it should be, but the warning is not given often enough and we aren’t listening to our instincts enough.

Consider this, you are walking to your car in a parking lot or garage. You feel arms grab you around the waist and mouth and a voice tells you not to scream or he’ll kill you. Are you willing to take your chances right then and there by fighting for your life, or will you comply and get in his car or trunk? Be honest with yourself.

Well, what did you decide? If you had the luxury of time, of weighing your options and thinking it through would you change your decision? Consider this your luxury of time. You need to decide RIGHT NOW what you are willing to do.

Think about it, if this person wanted to rob you, they would have stuck a gun or a knife in your face and took what they wanted. They didn’t. If they wanted to car jack you, they would have made you hand over the keys. They didn’t. No, what they want is YOU. In the flesh, in the car, now.

They have no interest in your money, purse, phone or watch. They want a real live woman or young lady to take away for other purposes. Those purposes could be to beat you and assault you and dump you in a field, it could be a serial killer wanting to take you to his lair (remember Silence of the Lambs), he could be selling you into human trafficking (remember the movie Taken), or he could simply want to control you drive you to ATMs and have you withdraw money, but its all on his turf, his terms.

There is no good ending to going mobile with a predator. This is not an option. If you choose the option of compliance, you are choosing to be a victim on his terms. Personally, I will take my chances and take the bullet to the head in the parking lot where I am rather than be stuffed in a trunk, driven away with now way to communicate or escape and wait to see what happens. I can guarantee, it won’t be nice and it won’t be pleasant.

The whole reason people take women away from their original location, or as I call it, Crime Scene A is to have their way in private at Crime Scene B. This suggests a level of premeditation and planning. This suggests a predatory behavior. Predators don’t consider what type of person you are, how successful or pretty you are, they don’t care if you volunteer and lead a bible study group. They do not see you as human, to them you are prey. A piece of meat. A victim.

Chances are, if you are taken from crime scene A, you will most likely be found dead. Most of the time, but not all the time, the women are murdered and some are never found. There are two classmates of mine who disappeared in 1988 and they have never been found and the case is still unsolved. I often wonder what happened to them and if they went willingly or if they forced.

Pull up you local news channel online, then use the search bar to type “missing woman”. How many stories pop up? Too many. I did that for a Dallas station and no less than 6 different stories came up about women who were missing, and that was just in 2016. Some of them are still unsolved. Don’t let this be you.

Not all abductions happen suddenly and by strangers. In fact, a lot of them happen when you are already out with someone you know. But what do you really know about them? Do you analyze behavior and words? Do you ever think you got a red flag and then dismissed it because you like the person? Do you ever feel guilty about having bad thoughts about someone? Don’t! This is your God given intuition and instinct letting you know to beware. Listen to it!

We have two problems called ego and denial. We don’t think bad things will happen to us. But they will. We don’t think we will be targeted because of where we live or how we look or how long we will be in any given location. But we will. Predators are everywhere and they will strike. Your job is to create the most favorable outcome possible for you and your family.

This means, learning to be aware and alert, learning some self defense tactics to fight off an attacker and escape. This also means, thinking about the unpleasant things now and making good decisions before you need them. If you only remember 6 words in your whole life, remember these: NEVER GO MOBILE, and TRUST YOUR INTUITION. They might just save your life.

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