Red Flags, How Important They Are For Your Safety

Red Flags, How Important They Are To Your Safety

I want to talk about flags. No, not the ones everyone is fighting over, but the ones you feel. We have all felt them, and for some, they are very familiar. I was speaking with a girlfriend of mine this morning and our conversation lit up a hot button for me. That topic is the presence of Red Flags and our ability to brush them off without question.


Let me start by asking you a question. Have you ever been in a situation where Red Flags were present and you ignored them? Be honest with yourself on this one. We all have. It may have been a boyfriend whom you were crazy about and everyone around you told you to beware. Or it could have been an offer that was too good to be true. Do you have that situation in mind? Good, we’ll come back to it in a bit.


A perfect example is played out on a show I saw on Investigation Discovery (The Baby Stealer). You can watch the show here:  Imagine this situation happening to you. You are 9 months pregnant, you had a baby shower which you registered for, and now you are just waiting for baby’s arrival. You get a call from a woman with a very similar name to yours. So close that there is only one letter difference in your last name. The caller states she received some gifts which were intended for you. UPS had mixed up your names and packages. You “don’t think much of it” as you go to her house to pick up your packages (bad idea). You have a brief but friendly visit. A few days later, you get another call from the same woman stating she received a nice swing you registered for, UPS had mixed up again.

I’ll bet the Red Flags are waving now. This is what happened to the woman in the show. The caller was really a pathological liar who wanted a baby more than anything, and was willing to kill for it. She trolled the baby registries online and did her homework on her victim. She made up a somewhat believable story to lure her.

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She did try to kill this woman on her second visit. Fortunately, the woman survived but not before a brutal attack which was proceeded by multiple Red Flags. Each of which waved in her mind a little more than the last. When did the Flags begin to wave for you?

Take this as my free advice to you: the minute you don’t understand the situation, the second the story sounds odd and you can’t quite grasp the whole picture, QUESTION EVERYTHING. Until you are completely satisfied there is a logical and realistic reason behind it, you should always “think much about it”.  Why is it that others tend to see the Red Flags meant for US before we do? Are we too close to see them? No. We choose to ignore them.

In another post, I mentioned the three best tools you will ever need, you got for free when you were born.

  • 1. Your Brain.
  • 2. Your Voice.
  • 3. Your Intuition.

It bears repeating because we are all guilty of ignoring our intuition. It is built-in to keep us safe, not just sometimes, but ALWAYS.  Whenever you told someone about the situation you thought about at the beginning, did you say the phrase, “I didn’t think anything of it.”? You probably have some time in your life. You have probably heard it too. If you think back to any time you have said it, you did think something of it. Even if for a nano-second. Your intuition was probably warning you about something you dismissed because there was not enough evidence for your conscious brain to accept there was a problem. What I mean is, Intuition speaks to us through a gut feeling, a hunch, our Spidey sense. Whatever you want to call it, it is there to protect us and we have to start listening up. Otherwise, we will have a lifetime of stories that include, “I didn’t think much of it.” Which translated really means, I didn’t want to see the Red Flags that were there.

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Please think about this post and how things could have ended differently for you if you had tuned in to the Red Flags sooner. It is my hope that everyone who reads this post will take something away from it.

I would love to hear from you if you want to leave a comment. My passion is teaching women how to be safe.
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